An archive of poetry by The Silent Soong

oh dear

Oh dear
She's almost here
My poems done
But will she care?

Oh dear
Do I dare
To tell her
How I feel


Your Wrong

Your wrong he said
With nothing in his head
But once my poems
he had read
He became as mad as Big Ed


Helen Hunt

Your elegant
Like Helen Hunt
But poetry like this
Is beyond you



Who needs a degree?
Certainly not me
People try and get by with a C
But all I need is the TV


Little Bit of Luke

I knew a boy
Fresh off the boat,
Whomst did enjoy
My poems wrote

His name was Luke,
And Luke he was
But just a little
Herein because

As is his wont
In sad music he sits
Lets emo Luke out
But just in little bits

Cos when he does
He must let flow
Only a little emo luke
Lest too depressed he grow